Samsung fined $340M for shady internet campaign against HTC

Samsung fined $340M for shady internet campaign against HTC

The FTC in Taiwan has confirmed that South Korean mobile giant Samsung has been fined $340 million for organizing an internet campaign against HTC. The campaign clearly violated FTC laws by praising Samsung smartphones while giving negative reviews to HTC devices, mainly through internet reviews and comments.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has gotten a slap on the wrists, as earlier this year, Samsung was fined again by the FTC for giving out incorrect information about the camera capabilities on a Galaxy model in Taiwan.

With HTC already somewhat floundering financially, campaigns like this, while being immoral and dishonest, could also prove to be a nail in the coffin. Had it gone unnoticed, this tactic could have eventually buried HTC, who has seen a drop in global mobile market share from 10.3% to only 2.6% in Q3 of this year.

via skynews

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  1. Hoits
    October 24, 15:28 Reply

    All other sites are reporting $340,000. There is a massive difference

    • Chloe
      October 24, 16:49 Reply

      They are using “M” to mean thousand (like “CPM” = cost per thousand)

      • Chloe
        October 24, 16:50 Reply

        And “MM” would be million

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