Samsung patent for ‘sports glasses’ uncovered

A recently approved design patent from South Korea gives us a glimpse into the potential future of Samsung’s next wearable tech product. As we’ve previously heard, Samsung figures to be headed in the same direction as Google and other companies in designing smart glasses.

The device is linked to a smartphone and displays alerts for information running on the phone, providing easy access to control when the users’ hands are tied with sports activities, the memo says. The device features a lens that is  either transparent or translucent, it says. – WSJ

Details are incredibly scarce but we do get a feel for how Samsung’s “sports glasses” may look when they arrive. The drawings show integrated earphones, the corner display near the eye, and what may be a micro-USB plug. Things certainly appear more sporty than fashionable and may be targeted at a specific demographic.

Here’s to hoping that whatever Samsung is cooking up will be able to work with more than a select few devices.

Wall Street Journal via Engadget


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