YouTube readying on-demand music service

YouTube readying on-demand music service

I can’t tell you how many times a week I receive a link to a music video on YouTube. While many of my friends use it to discover music, I have never looked at the site as a way to listen to music. Apparently I’m in the minority. According a report by Billboard, YouTube is preparing to launch an on-demand music service before the end of the year.

The report claims when Google secured the licenses for its All Access music service, it included licenses for a YouTube music service.

It’s rumored there will be both a free and premium service option. The free plan would included unlimited streaming of music videos, no matter the platform, with the paid tier offering “fewer restrictions.”

With the latest rumors also pointing towards the Android YouTube app receiving background audio, it seems the stars are beginning to align for such a music service. Background audio would be crucial for YouTube and it’s mystery music service to catch on.

Only time will tell, but this one is looking and sounding promising. Once we know more, we’ll be sure to share with you here.

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