Samsung Galaxy S5 to arrive with 4GB RAM?

This is not the first time we are hearing about the Samsung Galaxy S5, the rumors are just heating up by every passing day. We heard that it will feature Sony’s 16MP camera sensor, and also it will have a metal body. Now another rumor is out of the bag, and this one is about the RAM of the Galaxy S5. A Korean blog is reporting that Galaxy S5 will make a new record as it will be launched with a 4GB RAM under the hood, and thanks to the 64-bit processor which will allow addressing much larger RAM – quite impressive, right?

Samsung Galaxy S5 could make its debut next year in January, which is actually just 2 months away. The Galaxy S4 was released 6 months ago, although I would prefer to wait for Samsung to say something on it instead of making guesses. But what the rumors are telling us, it seems that Samsung is planning to give some really hard time to its competitors.

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Source: DT