Google+ Hangouts and Photos revamped with host of new features

Google+ Hangouts and Photos revamped with host of new features

Google Senior VP Vic Gundotra on Tuesday announced a great many improvements to Google Hangouts and Photos designed to let us “use more time for ourselves, and less time figuring out technology”.  Below is a list of the new features and the updates should start pushing out over the next couple of weeks.

You might be asking yourself, “But what if I don’t have the latest Android software (4.3)” or “I don’t have a nexus device”, well no worries because all the new features will be widely supported except for “Auto Awesome Movie”, which is only available for Android 4.3, for now.  So go out there and use these features and tell us how easy they are and what you would like next!


  • Location sharing and SMS
  • Animated GIFs
  • Schedule Hangouts on the air
  • Control Room (Pure awesome because you can eject or mute people at your heart’s content)
  • Full screen and web cam lighting improvements

Photos and Videos

  • Full size backups and background sync (Coming soon to iOS)
  • Find photos is easier (Google can recognize objects like sunsets and snowmen for when you search your photos)
  • Auto Enhance improvements
  • HDR Scape (Edit on the go)

Auto Awesome

  • Action (Creates a strobe-effect photograph)
  • Eraser (Remove unwanted people from backgrounds)
  • Movie (Produces a reel from photos and video with auto enhancements, transitions, and soundtrack automatically)

Source: Google

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