How To: Get the Android 4.4 KitKat launcher for your smartphone

So you really like the idea of Google’s new Android 4.4 KitKat launcher and how it provides very quick access to Google Now, eh? Who could blame you, it really sweet stuff! The problem, as you likely already know, is that you may not see this capability on your handset for at least a few weeks (or months). Not to worry, however, the modding community has your back. You can get this for your phone, today, without much tinkering.

Long story short, it’s fairly easy to set your Android up with the new launcher.  All you really need to do is install a handful of newly updated apps and you’re good to go.

Download and install these three apps:

Reportedly, this new launcher works on all Android devices running Jelly Bean (4.1 or later) and doesn’t present any problems.

via AndroidBeat

  • Brad

    Doesn’t work on my HTC DNA force close

    • Amir

      I have same problem.

  • Amir

    Doesn’t work on Xperia T 4.1.2.

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  • chichi

    Cant download, to many views or downloads 🙁

  • needamirror

    Can someone post a mirror for these files?



    Google search force closes when searching with English US and the Google hotword doesn’t work anywhere. The new version of Google search is clearly only ready for KitKat. To fix the searching I just switched to English UK.

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  • This works great with my note 2 running Android 4.1.2