LG tablet gets Bluetooth certification, could be “Nexus 8”

A little while ago, we published about the ‘Nexus 8’ in which we actually told people that its nothing but just probably a bad photoshop, and also this proves it as well. But now a LG tablet passed through Bluetooth Certification with model number LG V510, and it’s an 8-inch tablet, Nexus 8? anyone?

It can be assumed that this tablet could be the Nexus 8 – inspired by the LG G Pad which was announced recently. What else can be assumed that it is LTE version of the LG tablet, because the model number of G Pad is V500 – so instead of a Nexus 8, there are a lot of chances that this will be the LTE version of the LG G Pad.

Nexus 8 is just something in the air, and we never heard of it before – so yes a bad photoshop led to it. We just got done with the Nexus 5 rumors and leaks, and we are glad that the smartphone is finally here.

So what do you think, Nexus 8 or LG G Pad LTE?

Source: Bluetooth SIG