This is probably not the Nexus 8

Just when we get beyond the Nexus 5 and its months of rumors and leaks, the mill starts back up for a new tablet. A Nexus 8, to be specific.

Chatter surfacing these past few days would have folks believing there’s a new pure Google Nexus tablet on the way. Spied on the official Android website, an unknown device was found hanging out in the wild. The shape of the tablet could be construed as either bigger than the Nexus 7 or about the same size but with much less bezel.

Given that Google only recently began offering the refreshed version of the Nexus 7 we should expect at least a few more months to pass before something else comes down the pipe.

Most likely, the tablet we’re looking at here is just a Nexus 7 with a screen Photoshopped over the actual display. That sort of thing happens quite often as it helps to eliminate any potential glare.

Sorry, kiddoes, there’s probably no fire behind this smoke.