[Giveaway] Samsung Galaxy S3 Wallet Case by BAK


UPDATE: Congratulations to Kyle Finton, Mehdi Nahro, Tim Laplace, and Annie Marie Larson!

AndroidGuys is launching a Samsung Galaxy S III BAK Wallet Case Giveaway Contest! That’s right folks, we’re giving away four (4) FREE BAK CASES to Galaxy S3 Owners!!!

The BAK Case, (the name comes from the three original founders Ben, Anthony, and Kyle) set out to change the complications of having to carry a wallet and your smartphone, just keep things simple, while adding a bit of protection, and giving your S3 a better leather feel to it.

Contest Rules: You must be a resident of the 48 Contiguous United States, and your shipping address must adhere to these rules. We will contact you for certain information. You must also be at least 13 years of age or older to enter. Limit one (1) entry per household, contestants may be disqualified if we see fit in an unlikely situation. Four (4) BAK Cases will be given away, odds of winning depend on the amount of entries we receive. Returns are not accepted for giveaways. After winners are announced, you may be still disqualified in which case we will announce a new winner. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Rules, Terms & Conditions subject to change at any time. Notifications of changes will be presented on this post.


How to Enter: In the comments below, please tell us why you love your Android device so much to enter. Winners will be picked at random at our discretion using an electronic entry randomizer, so long as you’ve told us why you love Android. You will be contacted later on, after the Giveaway ends and asked for your US-based shipping address (specifications as mentioned previously), your name, and further details to process your entry.

When does this mighty fine Giveaway end? Well, you must enter this giveaway contest by Wednesday, November 20th, 2013, 11:59PM EST. The four winners will be announced within the following weeks.

What if this giveaway is over and I’m still interested in a BAK Case? You can find out more information about purchasing a BAK Case for your Samsung Galaxy S3 by clicking >>>HERE<<<. You can also visit the site for more details on BAK Cases, and pre-order your case for the Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5/5S listed on the BAK Website.


Enter in the comments below – Good Luck!!! This giveaway was made possible by the fine folks at AndroidGuys & BAK Case.

  • Clarence Miller

    I’ve always liked my Android phones… (this is my 4th )..I started with a Samsung.. now I’m rocking and loving the galaxy S3.. what i love most is the s-beam feature, the multi window, and the google now cards and features.

  • Devin

    I love my s3. Had an iphone and hated it…I am an android girl:) so much more to do and not as many problems! The camera is great too!!

  • Chuck Connor

    I love my S3. Having had an android device for the last five or six years I can honestly say I could live without it. Google now is definitely a life saver for me me these days. Especially the reminders and traffic updates.

  • Todd Martineau

    I love Android because of how many things it can do combined with how customizable it is. Android has never been another man’s vision of a one size fits all device; Android has always been my phone -whatever that may mean to me on any given day. Some may view it as a curse but the beauty is that every Android home screen is a snowflake by design; as unique as its owner. Android demonstrates its superiority even when it emulates other operating systems. (Android can be customized to look and feel like iOS or WP8 but not the other way around.) Android means you can do whatever you want whenever you want – Android is mobile freedom!

  • Josh B

    I love my s3 because it’s a great phone. Large, thin, and the ability to run CM on it.

  • Marc Schnapp

    I love Android because it’s so customizable.

  • KimberlyG

    I love my android for all the apps I can easily d/l and it’s been very reliable and the battery lasts the whole day. Thanks!

  • Jesse Scott

    I love android because of its awesome customization and durability

  • TheRafeSCV

    I love Android because it’s so customizable.

  • Chris Offisong

    I love my note 3 because the interface is fantastic! The note 3 Makes me feel like I have a handheld Computer in Pocket. I switched from my 5S to the note and have no regrets!

  • BillJude56

    My GS3 is the first smartphone I’ve owned after using 2 iPad iterations. Android allows me access to video, books, and music I didn’t know was possible. The option to customize with launchers, automators, and the seemingly limitless variety of apps makes using a digital device fun and interesting again. I can’t imagine considering an iPhone as a future viable option.

  • Anne Marie Larson

    I love Android most because I can set everything up just how it makes sense to me… which I was unable to do with my iPod Touch. My S3 Is my brand-new toy and I absolutely love it!

  • Jacca Anderson

    I love my sg3 cause it can do everything I needed a laptop for but better cause it can go with me.Its a gorgeous looking phone! Even after a yr of owning it I still will be thinking “wow I love this phone”

  • Brendan

    I love the tight Google integration. I’m especially going to love putting my new Google wallet card(just ordered) in this case.

  • I like my android slot he big screen and the HD camera… you practically have a computer in your hand… bad thing though is the phone is easy to break with out a case in it…. please I need a case before I have to buy another one… 5125640308… if you send me an email I won’t get it on my phonE
    I have two many emails coming in and not enough time to real all of them thank you so much