SwiftKey updates Android app with new ‘Layouts for Living’, changes the game for mobile keyboards

SwiftKey updates Android app with new ‘Layouts for Living’, changes the game for mobile keyboards

In lieu of the most recent Swype upgrade, Swiftkey has come out with a new version. They’ve taken the latest and greatest updates to the beta and added them into the official release. They’re dubbing the updates “Layouts for Living”, and it’s pretty spectacular.

Users can now choose from a plethora of different layout customizations, such as one-handed use, docked / undocked keyboards, custom sizes (tiny to huge), split keyboard layouts, and much, much more.

Have a large device like a Note 2 or a tablet? One-handed operation is great. This editor uses it on a daily basis, and wouldn’t change it for the world. Also, the newest updates still include swiping functionality, making single-handed usage even easier, and the keyboard is still as fast and responsive as ever.

If you’re already a current user of the Official Swiftkey, you can download the update for free, otherwise it’ll set you back about $4. However, the tablet and handset versions are all-in-one, meaning that the same $4.78 will get you access across all your devices, regardless of type.

Be sure to hit up the update at the play store by checking out the link below. Happy typing!

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