Beta Review: Any.Do Cal – A simple, elegant calendar with great functionality

Beta Review: Any.Do Cal – A simple, elegant calendar with great functionality

NOTE: This review is based on a beta version – things might change by the time it makes a public release

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to notice a Google+ post making the rounds which offered a place in the “ super users community”. Naturally, I didn’t hesitate, and jumped at the opportunity. For those who are like me and instantly fell in love with, you’ll undoubtedly love Cal. It follows the same mantra: less is more. Just like, I was delighted to find a perfect balance was struck between design and functionality. The ability to select different themes as the background for your calendar is a nice touch, really helping to make it your own personal calendar. A fluid motion from day to day view topped off with a simple pull-down into a full month view makes it extremely easy to navigate.

In terms of functionality, I personally couldn’t fault it. The ability to select which calendars it synchronizes with was perfect, and it also gave me the option to ignore all those annoying Facebook birthdays – or add them, if I ever felt the need. The integration with Google maps for event locations, while the norm amongst calendars, just seemed so much better with its teams UI.  Most importantly for me, however, was that it syncs with – although that was surely a given.

At the end of the day I honestly really enjoy this application. It just works, and works well at that. Coupled with a beautiful layout and design, what more could I ask for?

Unfortunately there’s no word yet on a full public release date, but we’ll keep you updated, should that situation change. If you’re interested in joining the group, hit up this link to check it out on Google+.

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