APPTEASERS: 14 Android apps and games worth knowing (November 8)

APPTEASERS: 14 Android apps and games worth knowing (November 8)

Horror Alarm

Forget that silly, nature sounds and cool “ease-you-from-sleep” stuff, this one will get you out of bed and running – for your life. Free version offers one scary, evolving alarm that stands the hair on your neck right up, unlock the full set of sounds through in-app purchase.

My Vegas Slits

Not only does this game let you play a variety of Vegas-inspired games, but it also lets you earn real-world prizes and discounts for hotels and casinos. New rewards partners include Cirque du Soleil, Sugar Factory, House of Blues and Las Vegas Monorail. Perfect for that long flight out to Nevada!

Ittle Dew

Ittle Dew and her sidekick Tippsie have found themselves on a strange and mysterious island. This hand drawn game features puzzles and plenty of gameplay; conjures up some of our favorite Zelda memories.

Star Wars Tiny Death Star

From Disney/Lucasfilms and the developers behind Tiny Towers, this officially licensed game has you building the biggest, most destructive space station (not a moon) in the galaxy. You’ve got 30 species to choose from, more than 80 types of residential and commercial floors, and cameos from your favorite characters.

Nara – Restaurants You’ll Love

Discover restaurants and dining establishments that you’re sure to love, thanks to a smart algorithm that marries millions of reviews with your own tastes. Find a spot that sounds delicious? Book it through OpenTable or order a meal through GrubHub!


What do you think this app does? It lets you watch ESPN from wherever you are.  Your cable provider will need to be supported, but, it provides access to shows, specials, and live games 24 hours a day. Featuring a brand new interface, the app gives instant connection to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, ESPNews and ESPN Deportes.

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