RadioShack offering Samsung Galaxy S3 free with contract

RadioShack just dropped us a line to share a great deal on one of the best-selling smartphones of all time. Starting immediately, you can pick up the Samsung Galaxy S3 at no cost, provided you sign a two-year service agreement. There are three carrier options to choose from (AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon); customers can score the deal in RadioShack retail stores or online at

As a reminder, RadioShack also offers a Trade & Save program program which lets people pick up some extra money for trading in old electronics. What’s more, the retailer is also taking 25% off of all regular-priced Galaxy S3 cases and PointMobl glass screen protectors when purchasing the handset.

  • Marnie Raath

    Shame you guys over there in the U.S really get a raw deal when it comes to phone contracts … in the uk we give that phone away free and cash back in store on contract and our contracts give us unlimited texts and unlimited min and like 2gb of internet for £25 pm and the air time is only used for one way calls so if some one calls you … dont lose air time at all we have also been doing the samsung s4 free on contact to and …well all of our phones are free on contract ….but then again you have a amazing country ….take care all

    • LJB

      Wow it does sound like of a heck ok of a cell deal over,, as far as our Country??? IIt was a GOOD Country until Obama cheated his way in,, So hopefully once he is Gone and whomever takes over “”UNDOESS”” ALL THIS CRAP HE HAD DONE!!

  • Peter Blanco

    Best Buy Mobile has it for a buck, they have the highest trade in values ( I looked), and you get two free Samsung Branded cases. Sorry Radio Shack, you’re not getting my money.

  • Mike

    If you live in the western part of the u.s don’t use Sprint. You may as well use your device as a paper weight if you do.