Amazon offering LG G2 for as low as $10

Amazon is selling the G2 at drastically discounted rates for Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint subscribers

Need to scoop up a new smartphone that’s heavy on performance? You can do no wrong with the LG G2. As the first smartphone to feature a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, this guy is a downright monster. The display is gorgeous, and it’s loaded with all sort of wonderful features. We’re talking a 13-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization, 32GB internal storage, and a 3000mAh battery. To say it’s one of the most powerful Android’s to date would be an understatement.

Amazon is selling the LG G2 for $9.99 with a two-year service agreement through Verizon. Yes, you’ll need to sign a new agreement; the deal is for new users only. If you’re an existing Verizon subscriber, however, you’ll be able to purchase for $99.99 with the contract.

Verizon not your carrier of choice? Maybe you’ll like the deal that Amazon is offering for AT&T. Indeed, both new and existing customers can buy the LG G2 for only $59.99 with a qualified two-year service agreement. And yes, that’s for the black and the white models!

But what about Sprint, you ask? Why, that’s only $49.99 for new subscribers and $99 for eligible upgrades!







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  • ThinkPink414

    At least at&t is offering an equal deal to new and existing customers. I am so sick of this new customer better treatment.

    If a new customer is coming to you for a deal- what will they do when a better deal comes along? Or when they cant afford it anymore?

    If I have been with you for a decade and I have to pay $50-$90 more for each phone on my 4 lines: why wouldn’t I go to another company? Its just dumb business. Quite frankly, its rude and inconsiderate to loyal customers.

    Then add on the stupid upgrade fees $35 per line to upgrade my phone for the first time in 3 years- when the company doesn’t have to do anything to upgrade it.