Samsung dominates Android space with 63 percent share

We recently covered the announcements made at Samsungs analyst day, which included major increases in PPI, flexible screens and 4k displays for future devices.

In the days following Localytics, a mobile and web analytics marketing platform, published a study stating Samsung has a 63.3% share of all Android mobile devices. That means HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola and all other brands make up less than 37% of the total share – combined.

Also noted in the study was that 8 out of the 10 most popular Android smartphones are manufactured by Samsung. The remaining two places fall to the HTC One and Motorola Droid Razr, making a measly 1.3% and 1.1% share, respectively.

Top 10 Android Smartphone Share

And if that wasn’t enough, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 series lays claim to almost 40% of all active Android tablets.

Samsung really seem to be going from strength to strength as of late. CEO, Kwon Oh Hyun, must surely be happy with such a stellar performance.


  • Major_Pita

    That kind of market share is troubling.
    That said, Samsung is doing a number of things right so it’s just possible they actually deserve that market share.

    IMHO Samsung gets a big thumbs-up for doing ALL of the following:

    + Aggressively pushing large displays

    + Pioneering the Phablet despite derision and ridicule at first

    + Bringing back the stylus

    + Working to get the same flagship models on all carriers to provide uniformity
    and support the accessory and developer markets more effectively

    +Not unilaterally deciding for me that I don’t need expandable memory and
    replaceable batteries.

    That last one is a biggie and ensures that unless Samsung really screws up I will remain a loyal customer, because in this respect – out all the other brands mentioned in this article Samsung is the only one who’s making phones based upon what I want as a customer instead of telling me what they’re going to offer period, take it or leave it… sorta the way that other fruity company has done so well.

    Maybe that’s why the other’s market share stinks.

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