Watch the LG G Flex bend and heal itself

Watch the LG G Flex bend and heal itself

So you want to see what makes the LG G Flex so special, huh? Well, aside from its top-tier hardware specs, there’s something quite unique about the recently announced smartphone. It comes in the way it can heal itself and bounce back into its curved shape. Indeed, the G Flex is designed to take a beating or two and keep on chugging along.

Check out this video which shows how scuffs and scratches seem to disappear after a few minutes have elapsed. Then, marvel at how it takes up to 32kg weight strains in stride. Sold yet?

The G Flex is now rumored to be coming to AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile in the near future; pricing and exact time frame is still unknown. Also unclear is to whether Verizon will offer the phone at some point or if they plan to skip out on the fun.

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