Aio Wireless offering free ZTE Prelude with any plan

Just a quick heads up to let you you guys and gals know about a promotion from Aio Wireless which sees the no-contract carrier giving a smartphone away for free. Effective a few weeks back, the carrier is offering the ZTE Prelude at no cost to the customer. Given there’s no long-term contract to worry about, this amounts to a free phone with commitment.

Note that this is a limited time offer and will only be around while supplies last. You’ll still have a $25 activation fee, but this deal works on either of the carrier’s $55 or $70 smartphone plan. Also, you’re limited to one of these promotions per customer.

Aio Wireless plans range are affordable and work for any budget: $40 (Basic – 250 MB), $55 (Smart – 2 GB), $70 (Pro – 7GB). If you’re in the market for a first smartphone or one that won’t potentially break your bank, the ZTE Prelude from Aio Wireless is tough to beat. No, it’s not a powerful device designed for gaming, but it’s a great stocking stuffer for the grandchild or grandparent in your life.

From now through December 8, Aio customers can check-in for charity at any of the Aio stores around the country. Doing so will see to it that $5 will be donated to Toys For Tots and ensure underprivileged children have a holly-er jolly-er holiday season.

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  • Tracy Lynn Jury

    AIO SUCKS and the ZTE Prelude is so user unfriendly….my voicemail is DISABLED..and trying to get assistance with a live rep is so annoying. They vru speaks about “thier LAWYERS wanting to let you know the call may me monitored or recorded. After their “threat” ….the line goes either busy…..excruciatingly loud music, or the a rep gets the call but they pretend not to hear you by putting tijheir phone on mute. My phone was off the whole day of my b-day, even though I paid my bill…..and im actively seeking employment but if I don’t answer the phone if i exam schedule on job offer comes my way I’ll never know because nobody can leave messages because my voicemail is disabled me messages because my life because nobody can leave