Verizon introduces $5 daily prepaid plan for tablets

Verizon introduces $5 daily prepaid plan for tablets

The carrier introduces a daily plan for those who need 4G LTE in a pinch

Knowing that there will be an increase in tablet sales this holiday season, Verizon Wireless is doing something proactive about it.

Up until now, prepaid plans for tablets have included a one-month time frame. You pay the company, they give you service until that money runs out. Today, however, Verizon would like to make it a bit more accessible for everyone to connect. That’s why they’re introducing their prepaid $5 Daily Plan. For $5 a day, you get 300MB of data for your tablet or connected devices. It’s that simple.

To connect to the network, all you need to do is go to your browser (after installing your SIM card, of course), and you’ll be prompted to enter your device ID and other information regarding your account. Choose what plan you’d like, and that’s it! If you run out of data, feel free to sign up again for an additional $5.

I, for one, am really happy to see Verizon taking this step. Do you think other carriers will catch on to this trend? Tell us what you think!

Source: Verizon Wireless

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