3D Systems Jumps Into Project Ara

The idea of a modular phone has been greatly anticipated over, and it is definitely one of the most magnificent ideas buzzing in the tech industry. As recently announced, Motorola has been secretly working on this idea for roughly a year and the idea has been dubbed “Project Ara”.

The company isn’t going completely solo on Ara. 3D Systems has officially confirmed that they are partnering with Google and Motorola to “create a continuous high-speed 3D printing production platform and fulfillment system” for Ara. 3D Systems will be creating modules and hardware for Ara, and this will be done exclusively, if successful, for many years to come.”

Avi Reichental, the CEO of 3D Systems stated that “Project Ara was conceived to build a platform that empowers consumers all over the world with customization for a product made by and for the individual.” He also stated that 3D printing “promotes a level of sustainability, functionality, and mass personalization that turns these kinds of global ambitions into attainable local realities.” The modular smartphone idea is very interesting, and its limits are still to be tested. Under the control of Motorola, Google, and now 3D Systems, Project Ara

 via theverge