White versions of Motorola Droid Ultra, Droid Mini leaked for Verizon

White versions of Motorola Droid Ultra, Droid Mini leaked for Verizon

Popular Twitter leak account @evleaks has spilled the beans on a new variant of the Motorola Droid Ultra and Droid Mini on Verizon, which are supposedly about to be available in white.


While both devices are already available in black and red, the white option is set to appeal to customers who like a bit of a cleaner look for their device, as is apparent in previous white devices. It is worth noting, however, that the leaked images show off an actual all-white body, rather than some of the two-tone black-and-white devices like the Nexus 5. The color reboot is likely to spawn a whole new slew of purchasing for these devices. However, if white isn’t your thing (or you’re just impatient), you can pick up a Motorola Droid Ultra in black on Verizon right now for $19.99 on a new contract. As for the Motorola Droid Mini, it’s just one penny!

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    January 30, 10:09 Reply

    Well, as the recent launched Moto g, with such an amazing features, this one might not get that much attention than it expected.

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