Motorola marking the Moto X down $150 on Cyber Monday

Motorola marking the Moto X down $150 on Cyber Monday

Ready for a bit of crazy talk from Motorola? No, not that crazy talk, but the talk of marking down the Moto X by $150 on Cyber Monday.

By doing a little bit of heavy lifting using a calculator, I’ve figured the 16GB Moto X will set you back $349, with the 32GB Moto X coming in at $399. This pricing matches the Nexus 5, but it includes the Moto Maker and Developer Edition handsets. Something the Nexus 5 doesn’t have.

This is a killer deal any way you slice it. Motorola stated it will have more information about the fire sale in the coming days. But it also has already started setting the expectation that stock will be very limited for the Cyber Monday deal.

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