The big list of of discounted smartphones from Amazon

The big list of of discounted smartphones from Amazon

Online retailer has more than 30 Android handsets listed at one penny*

Rather than publishing post after post for smartphones discounted through Amazon, we’re going to create on singular page of deals and lump it all together. You’ll find contract phones as well as pre-paid phones, spread across all of your favorite carriers!

We’re not going to gather up every single phone we find, only those that are really worth checking out. Do bear in mind that some of the prices are for new contracts and that existing customers might have a slight premium over the discount. With that said, it’s still a better price than you’ll find on a normal day. Seriously, some of these are only one cent with a qualified service plan.


Please keep in mind that these deals are subject to change at a moment’s notice. We’ll do our best to stay on top of them but make no promises as to current discounts or availability.

*requires qualified two-year service agreements





Pre-paid smartphones

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