NVIDIA slashes $50 off Shield for Black Friday


NVIDIA, keeping up with the Black Friday crowd, has taken $50 off its SHIELD gaming and entertainment device. The deal can be had through multiple online and retail destinations, all of which you should be familiar. Depending on where you purchase the SHIELD you could walk away some additional goodies.

  • NVIDIA.com: $50 off + free Carrying Case + free shipping                                                    
  • Gamestop: $50 off and $25 Google Play Gift Card
  • Amazon: $50 off
  • Most other retail partners will also be offering $50 off + free Carrying Case + free shipping

We seriously love our SHIELD and think it’s one of the best things you could do for the hardcore gamer in your life. And, with the latest software update’s ability to map touch-based games, it’s also a great device for the casual gamer, too!


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