Samsung files for “Comfort Zone” patent

Samsung files for “Comfort Zone” patent


Samsung, being the king of phablets with it’s Galaxy Note line of smartphones, has applied for a patent that will allow users to create a “comfort zone” based upon the reach of their thumb. Now you’re asking, “What does this mean?” We have all seen or played with smartphones that have a screen size of 5 inches or better and sometimes it can be a pain when trying to slide down that notification bar.  Well, what if we didn’t have to swipe from the top but swipe from where your thumb naturally lands on the device.

There’s no hard proof here, but this could be something that lends to a future build of TouchWiz UI or Samsung’s custom software experience for smartphones.

This would be pretty nice considering that phones these days are getting bigger and since we primarily use our thumbs for navigating our phones.  What do you think?

Source: Galaxy Club

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  1. Mats
    December 03, 08:53 Reply

    I think it’s ricilous to even consider patenting a thumb gesture, that’s what I think.

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