Announcing our ’12 Days of Giveaways’ promotion! [#12DaysAndroid]

Announcing our ’12 Days of Giveaways’ promotion! [#12DaysAndroid]

We’re giving away thousands of dollars worth of Android and smartphone-related goodies in December!

We’ve got a giant bag of Android-related  and smartphone-related goodies that we’re looking to dump on you guys and gals. It doesn’t matter to us whether you’ve been bad or good, we just wanna hook you up with some fun stuff!

Starting tomorrow, December 12 and running through the next few weeks, we’ll be giving away bundles of prizes on an almost daily basis.

Smartphones, gaming consoles, accessories and more!

Our collection includes all sorts of wonderful stuff such as power backups, Bluetooth headphones, gaming controllers, and Google Play credits. Oh, and we’re hooking folks up with devices like the Nexus 5, NVIDIA Shield, Moto G, and Samsung Galaxy Victory.

So much great stuff from so many great companies! We’re talking thousands of dollars worth of stuff!

How to Enter

Unless otherwise noted, we’ll be using the hashtag of “#12daysAndroid” to keep track of your social media interactions. Our team will keep an eye on your conversations, shares, and more as the promotion rolls out through December.

Each day we will unveil our prize packs with a quick description of each item. On some days we may elect to give out two bundles; we’re cool like that! You’ll have instructions on what to do to enter yourself into that day’s drawing(s). In a nutshell, we’ll ask you to share the link to the prize page (with the hashtag) and leave a comment on that day’s post. We’ll also keep a running tally of winners over at the dedicated promotional page.

It’s quite simple, really, and we cannot wait to get this stuff into your hands!

Just be ready to share #12daysAndroid on your favorite social media streams

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    It’s really awesome to get electronics for FREE…love ur work guys.

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