Dial up your inner Zack Morris with bluetooth accessory, The Brick

If the cell phones of today are getting too light and thin for your liking, Binatone has just the device for you so you can relive the mobile glory days.


The UK-based electronics company, which was founded 55 years ago, just announced a new accessory called “The Brick” that connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth and lets you use it like one from the 1980s.

As for the design of this accessory, think Motorola DnyaTAC except with large speakers, a micro SD slot, FM radio and LED flashlight. Probably one of its most 80s worthy features of all, is that it also comes with the classic mobile phone game Snake. Need we say more?

The Brick offers up to one month of standby battery life and 14 hours talk time. That is, if your phone doesn’t die before that.

if you’re ready to look like an 80’s dork once again or you think it would be the perfect holiday gift for a friend or family member, it’s available now for $69.99.