New SwiftKey beta brings number key row and emoji

New SwiftKey beta brings number key row and emoji

SwiftKey, probably the most popular third-party keyboard for Android, has released a new beta. The new beta version 4.5 includes two major add-ons that have been being clamored for for a long time: emoji, and a dedicated number row.

Emoji, the picture-based emoticon replacement that is hugely popular for mobile users, comes by way of both dedicated tab auto-predict in this new beta. For example, typing the word “pizza” will bring up a pizza emoji that you can insert into  your text. Also, there’s a full-fledged popup panel with tabs of categories that allow you to browse and choose the right emoji. All in all, SwiftKey has brought over 500 images. Swiftkey does warn, however, that “The appearance of emoji can differ between different versions of Android and different apps. Emoji are only supported on Android Jellybean and KitKat (4.1 and later).”

Also, there’s now an optional dedicated number row, something that this editor has personally hoped to see for a very long time. To turn it on in the beta, just press and hold the 123 key, select Settings, then Theme & Layout, you can then tick or untick the Number Row option.

If you want to download this beta for free, be sure to download it here. Also, if you’re not using the standard version of SwiftKey (which just about everyone should, in my opinion), you can pick it up at the download link below.

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