LG G flex spied headed to Sprint, leak indicates

Sprint is expected to offer the recently introduced LG G Flex at some point in the near future, says reputable source @evleaks. Although the exact timing and price are not clear, the LS995 is likely closer to the United States than previously thought.

There’s no physical branding on the device yet the Sprint name in the calendar is a tip-off. Also, that symbol in the notification bar is for Sprint’s new Spark LTE service; the G Flex should debut with support for the carrier’s tri-band 4G LTE network.


 Considering that we’re looking at a press-ready photo, and CES is a few weeks away, we may count on Sprint announcing the device for the future.

If LG follows its recent path we should look for the LG G Flex to hit multiple carriers in the United States over the next few months.

For those wondering what all of the hoopla is for the G Flex, check out this video of the device flexing under weight and healing itself.