Editor’s Picks: 15 Android apps and games you should know (December 20)

Editor’s Picks: 15 Android apps and games you should know (December 20)



It has been quite a while since Google updated this app but we’re glad they did nonetheless. Check it out today and you’ll find all sorts of wonderful new holiday and winter themed clothes and accessories to dress your Android up. Create something as uniquely individual as yourself or just hit random to see what sort of concoction Google has for you.


Dolphin Zero

Want to browse the internet with the “highest level of privacy possible”? Of course you do. Enable the Do Not Track feature and the browser will not collect or share cookies, history, form input, passwords, or anything else. We’re big fans of Dolphin as an alternative web client and really appreciate they value privacy as much as we do. Perfect for the NSA-watched climate we live in.




Clean Master

Clear up the clutter and unused junk lingering inside your Android device and get that thing running tip-top. Move apps to SD cards, removed pre-installed apps, clear your search history and browser, and just boost the overall memory




Android Device Manager

Google’s official app for keeping an eye on your Android smartphone or tablet, it’s free peace of mind. Locate your device using its last known coordinates, remotely reset the PIN, or erase the phone. One of the first apps you should install, period.



Toast Time

Retro gaming never felt so fun or tasted to delicious; who doesn’t love coffee, toast, and crumpets? As a combination tower defense and straightforward shoot-em-up, it’s a cheeky throwback game that feels brand new at the same time. Features more than a dozen weapons and 45 levels of colorful, addictive fun.

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