Editor’s Picks: 15 Android apps and games you should know (December 20)

Editor’s Picks: 15 Android apps and games you should know (December 20)



Tiny Hope

You’re the planets last surviving water droplet and it’s up to you to get to the cloning machine to re-hydrate the world.  Fun for all ages, it’s 36 increasingly difficult levels through the forest with puzzles and enemies along the way. Switch from water to steam or ice when the time is right to achieve your objective. Did we mention that it’s got tremendous physics?





Headed out to catch some new powder this winter? Be sure to take this companion app with you and keep an eye on real-time forecasts and slope conditions. Features interactive maps, GPS tracking, and statistics. Share your day on the slopes with friends, make emergency calls, or locate yourself in the ski resort.




Brit + Co

Need a bit of creativity and inspiration to jump start your next project? Why not check out Brit + Co which curates thousands of ideas, recipes, and instructions for all sorts of wonderful things. Categories include Holidays, Food, Style, Home, Tech, DIY, and more.  Save favorites or share them to social media or across your other accounts (Pinterest, Flipboard, etc).




Kids Voice Search

Chances are good that you’ve passed your phone off to a child or sibling to play with a time or two – double the odds for tablets. Instead of having them use Google Search, point them to this app for searches. With five different themes to choose from, it helps children with bedtime reminders, notifications, and other stuff that matters. “How long until Christmas?” “How long until Jim’s bedtime?” Answers to questions that matter to the younger one.




Weight Watchers Simple Start

With the new year starting up you’re going to want to get your resolutions in order. For many, this means losing a bit of weight or toning up. Weight Watcher’s new app helps ease you into things with two weeks of “delicious, no-brainer meals” designed to help get things going. Create your own with a meal builder for any time of the day. While the app is free, you need to sign up to a weight loss program.

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