We’ve got 6 Google Glass invites – want one?

We’re giving away a half dozen Explorer Edition invitations over the next few days

We’re trying to be most un-Grinchest people this holiday season here at AndroidGuys, so in addition to our 12 days of Christmas giveaways, we have one more present, well six more, for you guys.

We have six invites to giveaway for V2 of the Google Glass Explorer Edition (this is the version compatible with prescription Glasses and includes a mono earbud).

Want an invitation?

If you’d like to enter our little contest for one, entry is simple. Just leave a comment below about why you want Google Glass and what you would do with it. We will then pick six people, which we feel have the best and most innovative answers.

The contest will run from today (Friday) until noon Sunday, Dec. 22, 2013. After that time you be contacted and need to send us your name and email address by Monday to have it sent to the Glass team for your invite.

An invitation, not the glasses

Please note that this contest is for an invite only and you will still have to purchase Glass from Google for $1500.

There are some additional terms and conditions set out by Google Glass Explorer program, according to which:

  • Explorer must be a resident of the United States.
  • Must be aged 18 years or older.
  • Purchase Google Glass for $1500 using the invite.
  • Provide a U.S. based shipping address OR be able to pick up Google Glass at one of Google’s locations in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

We can’t wait to see what you guys say! Good luck!

  • Jeywig

    I have been trying to get Glass for a long time. I am studying multiple languages and this would be so helpful in assisting me with this initiative. I also planned on using this to aid me in digital and canvas art. This would be helpful in looking up color charts and still art examples.

  • I’m an Android developer and I want one Glass to create new amazing apps and games for it.

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  • Nicholas Sullivan

    Working as a Librarian for CNN lets me see a lot of interesting and important footage, however, if there was a way for a computer to tell me who the 3rd Representative from Minnesota was, I’d be thrilled. Furthermore, it would be fun to record myself performing in my choir from my perspective out showing how the performer views everything.

  • Jason

    Working as an IT Business Analyst, I’d use Glass enhance my communication and coordination capabilities. Hoping to make updating records, building reports, and running meetings a much easier task. Not sure how much can be done with what’s currently available, so I already plan to spend significant time developing in order to flesh out these types of work/life enhancements.

  • Matwickw

    Glass would be incredibly helpful to students that are learning to manipulate things with their hands. Having a first person view of a technique with verbal cues would be invaluable when the instructor is not around. One particular type of student that would benefit is a martial artist. The instructor can film techniques with Glass and upload their videos to YouTube, which would allow students to view techniques from the first person perspective. This would be very useful for intricate or complicated techniques that cannot easily be seen from far away. This would also be beneficial to art students. Print making, ceramics, woodworking… All of these disciplines could benefit from how-to videos filmed through Glass. There are many times in studio art classes where the instructor uses all of the class time to teach a particular technique, leaving the students to complete their projects outside of class time, with only their notes to guide them. A Glass video would take almost no effort from the instructor, and would be immensely helpful to the student. As a student at Indiana University, I want Glass to help myself and other students by creating useful, first-person instructional videos that can be used as a supplement to in-class education. I would like to bring Glass to the mats, the art studios, and anywhere else that it may be helpful.

  • in need of a better way to navigate while on my HOG. Not so safe or convenient to keep lookin’ down my tree and my apes are too high up to view it on the wrist. 😐 make bar hopin’ safer, wear GLASS! 😀

  • ruben

    I think its the way of the future
    Cell phones will be obsolete

  • Grant

    I believe Google Glass is the next big thing. Cell phones, computers, and anything similar to that will soon fade away. Google Glass equips some of the latest and greatest technologies up to date, and simply stores it in a simple, but extraordinary user-friendly device. Google Glass will continue to be one of the most useful and greatest devices for decades to come. I also believe that Google Glass is the time machine of the 21st century. Glass brings everyone closer together, and lets us see into the brighter future of tomorrow.

  • Clark

    I am a long distance runner. I would love to see how to integrate Google Glass with my training. And it would be amazing to be able to chronicle my next marathon in photos and video and share them as I run.

  • Clark

    I am a long distance runner. It would be cool to integrate Google Glass with my training. It would be amazing to chronicle my next marathon in photos and video and share them as I run.

  • Andrew Turner

    I would love one because I am an actor and I perform a lot. I would use glass to share what it is like to be a professional singer and performer. I also program for different wearable devices such as the Pebble, and I think it would be awesome to start making apps for both Pebble, Glass and be able to use Android to connect with them.

  • danielblue987

    I would love to get the invite because I would like to incorporate them with my passion in film and photography. If I were to get them I would like to do a first person documentary of some sorts. I also play musical instruments imagine having the piece digitally and having them in front of your face ready to be played also recording myself play and learn what parts I keep messing up on is a plus. Hope you consider me 🙂

  • tehseano

    Hey everyone, I have 3 invites myself to give away. The first 3 people to email me ([email protected]), can have them. You still must meet the restrictions above and pay the $1500 price tag from Google.

    Good luck and happy holidays everyone!

  • Nathan Christie

    I would love to be selected for an invite because I would love to use glass at my company. I run a major pest control branch in Mississippi and would use glass to search for information on insects “on the fly”. I would like to see if using google photo search in conjunction with glass would allow mw to help my customers in real time. I could see the insect, search for it, and tell my customer about the insect without having to look anything up as far as they know. If this were to work I could see all of my employees wearing them to search for insects, chemical information, and document work as they do it.

  • PV2Omni


    I’m a Disabled Veteran, in a Wheelchair, and really only have use of my right arm. I would like to develop apps, for Glass, that would make “normal” life, easier for other Veterans like me.

    Take Care

    • tomleskin

      Hi, please email me your name and email address to [email protected]. Thanks!

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  • Richard Douglas Jones

    As a child I was teased mercilessly about wearing glasses. The term nerd was of course thrown around repeatedly. Now, it seems that being a nerd, or appearing to be a nerd is now, en vogue. I can’t think if a better way to put a stamp on the ‘Revenge of the Nerd’ than making glasses (the source of most of my ridicule) not only cool but a coveted status symbol.

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