Win a Nexus 5 [12 Days of Giveaways]

Win a Nexus 5 [12 Days of Giveaways]

Readers have three days to enter to win the latest Nexus smartphone

Today marks the final day of prizes for our 12 Days of Giveaways, a promotion we’ve had plenty of phone putting together for you guys. As the headline already spoils, we’re going to help give away a brand new Nexus 5 smartphone.

Prize #1 Nexus 5


We have partnered with our friends over at BitDefender to help give this new Nexus 5 away. You know the phone, you know the details: It’s the latest in Google’s beloved mobile platform, Android 4.4 KitKat. Specs, of course, include a quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU, 5-inch 1080p display, 2GB RAM, and an 8-megapixel rear camera. If you’re in the market for Pure Google in high-quality hardware, the LG Nexus 5 is where you start.

We’re going to give you three days to enter for a chance to win; drawing will be conducted on Friday, January 3, 2014.

Prize #2 Bundled Goodies

The second thing we’re hooking you up with is a prize bundle that includes a Whitelabel SoundDew BT Speaker and a pair of TCiMH Android Socks. The former is a highly portable and waterproof Bluetooth speaker that delivers up to 10 hours of playback while the latter comes from our friends at Andrew Bell/Dead Zebra/Android Foundry. Wear these bad boys with pride and show off your love of Android.

Learn more about Andrew Bell or follow him on Twitter!

Learn more about Whitelabel!

Prize #3 iHome Earbuds w/ Mic


The earbuds feature a microphone to take calls on your Android and then put you back onto your favorite music or podcasts!

Learn more about iHome or follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

How to Enter

For this particular giveaway we are going to employ the services of Rafflecopter. This way, you can increase your odds of winning by participating in social media sharing and following. We’ll not be drawing the name; Bitdefender will help pick the winner.

  1. Leave a comment below using a valid email address.
  2. Install and sign up with Bitdefender’s Mobile Security & Antivirus app for Android using the same email address.
  3. OPTIONAL: Increase your odds of winning by sharing the contest over social media and/or following Bitdefender on Facebook and Twitter (See widget).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win Google Play Credits!

To enter to win one of the Google Play credits all you need to do is share the following on your social media platform of choice: “I want to win Google Play Credits, AndroidGuys! #12DaysAndroid

Yes, you can share over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+. Yes, you can enter as often as you like.

Finer details

This post will be updated with the name(s) and we’ll reach out via the comments as well. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the 12 Days of Giveaways page where we’ll keep a running tally of prizes and winners.

Note that we’ll give each winner a 24 hour window to respond. Should the winner not reply in time, we’ll re-draw and announce a new name. Be sure to check back!

Here’s the rub: We’re limiting this contest to U.S. residents only. Yes, we know it sucks – we hate doing it. Also, you can only win one prize per household. If you happen to win a Google Play Credit as well, then so be it!

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  1. Sean Prunka
    December 31, 14:52 Reply

    But I have no idea which email this Disqus account is tied to. :( Oh well, I’ll try to figure it out to comply.

  2. 1n50mniac
    December 31, 15:11 Reply

    I really want the nexus 5…fantastic phone and it would be awesome to win.

  3. joseph gonzales
    December 31, 15:14 Reply

    Christ why do I keep entering these things… Oh yeah, the promise of free stuff. Keep it coming.

  4. Kris Yarno
    December 31, 15:26 Reply

    A nexus 5 would be a great replacement for my DROID X!

  5. Tim Countis
    December 31, 15:31 Reply

    On the 12th day of christmas, AG gave to me
    A sweet nexus 5 for free

  6. Josh B
    December 31, 15:35 Reply

    A Nexus 5? That’d be great! Thanks!

  7. Ron Diaz
    December 31, 15:47 Reply

    A Nexus 5, yes please. Other prizes look great too.

  8. Dave
    December 31, 16:33 Reply

    Great giveaway guys…I love it.

  9. suzi.b
    December 31, 16:36 Reply

    Awaiting my *fifth* replacement phone in 2 months. Saying I need this Nexus is a total understatement. #maythephonegods[finally]smileuponme

  10. Nexususer123
    December 31, 16:51 Reply

    I love giveaways even though I don’t win them lol

  11. st crago
    December 31, 17:52 Reply

    Awesome giveaway. 2014!!! Is almost here!!!

  12. Bradley C
    December 31, 18:14 Reply

    Woohoo, love the Nexus 5… I want one!

  13. Glenn
    December 31, 18:32 Reply

    A Nexus 5 would be the perfect gift as I wait for the Nexus 6.

  14. Jr
    December 31, 19:12 Reply

    Nexus 5 would be great!

  15. Ron
    December 31, 19:16 Reply

    Would be a great post-Christmas present.

  16. Dennis Weiß
    December 31, 19:27 Reply

    I already own a Nexus 5, but a second one would be great.

  17. Tejtank
    December 31, 19:27 Reply

    Nexus 5 would be awesome – let’s see if odds are in my favor.

  18. Nishant Jain
    December 31, 19:40 Reply

    Nexus 5 from this amazing website would be totally awesome. Hope I am one of the lucky ones.

  19. kobak
    December 31, 19:51 Reply

    I hope to win finally. New year, new chances. :)

  20. Ifti Mizi
    December 31, 20:23 Reply

    Making the switch to android! Looking to get a Nexus and I know I’ll need a good antivirus!

  21. Laz Boa
    December 31, 20:53 Reply

    Just bought my wife one. I’m jelly. Please hook me up!!

  22. Michael
    December 31, 21:23 Reply

    I need a new phone, plus I’ve never won anything.. I would love to win the nexus 5!!!

  23. onisim
    December 31, 21:57 Reply

    I want to win cause I love the nexus phones. I had the nexus one, nexus S and now I’m using the nexus 4 and I wanna have nexus 5.

  24. quan nguyen
    December 31, 22:08 Reply

    Please give me. My 6 week old will make good use of this.

  25. mehari
    December 31, 22:21 Reply

    GOD willing I want to win this phone. I one of the admirers of google nexus phone. I have google nexus it would be a perfect jump in technology if i won this phone

  26. taofeeq lawal
    December 31, 22:37 Reply

    Please I really want this .I don’t currently own a phone please it will brigten up my new year

  27. Diwakar Kaushik
    December 31, 22:43 Reply

    Been using nexus 4 and what a great phone it is. My first android experience and I am so happy to use it. Time for a nexus 5.

  28. faved
    December 31, 22:44 Reply

    Happy new years! Best of luck!

  29. Jay
    December 31, 22:47 Reply

    Hook me up with a nexus 5!

  30. A w
    December 31, 23:09 Reply

    Nice. White please.

  31. Rick
    December 31, 23:10 Reply

    I wish myself luck!

  32. Shen
    December 31, 23:15 Reply

    This is crazy good

  33. nimxnooj
    December 31, 23:32 Reply

    From a galaxy nexus to a nexus s to a nexus 4… I’ve been quite the nexus fan!! But now my nexus 4 has a cracked screen!!!

  34. dy
    December 31, 23:41 Reply

    Gimme my nexus 5

  35. Ardy Kashani
    December 31, 23:49 Reply

    I would love to win this to give as a present to my brother, he loved the nexus 4

  36. Wonka
    December 31, 23:51 Reply

    This will be a great gift for the New year!

  37. R4t40
    January 01, 00:00 Reply

    Totally want any of those

  38. Cunningham1420
    January 01, 00:01 Reply

    Please send me one I’m poor and can’t upgrade past the Galaxy S2 I’m still using

  39. Harshit H. Shah
    January 01, 00:39 Reply

    This makes me the luckiest person on the face of the earth… I’m taking this

  40. Mathias Mathiasson
    January 01, 00:57 Reply

    Roses are red, violets are blue,
    I’d appreciate a Nexus 5, so share one from you.
    (Please) <3

  41. Prashanth Pai
    January 01, 02:12 Reply

    I was thinking all these years to have nice Android mobile, now the nexus 5 is waiting for me in 2014.

  42. E Sanchez
    January 01, 02:39 Reply

    Winning is good. Especially to start off 2014

  43. kiran patel
    January 01, 02:39 Reply

    Hey this phone is the best phone, I am in love to have it. Will be the best gift for this new year from Bitdefender@Bitdefender.

  44. weaver11b
    January 01, 02:46 Reply

    That would compliment my droid maxx nicely. Always wanted a nexus, but always went for the Maxx.

  45. Harsh
    January 01, 04:18 Reply

    Happy new year. Wohoo 😀

  46. c.Lo
    January 01, 04:40 Reply

    Nexus 5 is awesome! Happy New Year and android rules!

  47. Esam Al Blushi
    January 01, 04:53 Reply

    What else will I need?? Wow.. Eagerly waiting for nexus 5!!

  48. jan
    January 01, 06:31 Reply

    I’m in – great phone & accoutrements.

  49. Nish
    January 01, 07:33 Reply

    Snapchat phone numbers leaked today.

  50. Nish
    January 01, 07:46 Reply

    Snapchat phone numbers were released into the wild today. We needs apps like Bitdefender to protect us from such unsecure applications. Great work by AndroidGuys too, thanks! You rock on! #12daysAndroid

  51. kflanagan
    January 01, 10:06 Reply

    A nexus 5 would let me convert my wife from iPhone to android!

  52. Parker
    January 01, 10:11 Reply

    Bitdefender !!! Don’t surf teh netz of inter without it. It’s lined with wolf eyes.

  53. james
    January 01, 10:34 Reply

    You can win if you don’t play,,, Google play that is.

  54. Marcos Muniz
    January 01, 10:34 Reply

    Love my Galaxy Nexus but the Nexus 5 is beefcake. Good luck everyone.

  55. Paul Hampton
    January 01, 10:49 Reply

    Omg it would be so awesome if I got this because I got me nexus 4 stolen so I’ve been looking for a good phone that could match up to it

  56. novybajwa
    January 01, 10:55 Reply

    PHONE OF THE YEAR 2013 and IN 2014 it will be in my pocket with the wishes of

    Google and LG’s latest Nexus phone represents the cutting edge of Android, with top-level hardware, a cleaner, brighter Android OS with more Google-centric features, and an unbeatable price point.

  57. Vincent_g
    January 01, 10:56 Reply

    I hear about it the very first time, but I’d like to give it a try. Good luck, happy new year.

  58. HPH
    January 01, 11:17 Reply

    Great phone to give away!

  59. Jashank Bhatia
    January 01, 11:22 Reply

    Google nexus 5 rocks at Indian markets me waiting to win GOOGLE’S NEXUS 5 I hope my luck works !!!!!

  60. Ashish Naik
    January 01, 11:42 Reply

    Nexus 5 !!! The best out there. Will be very glad to have this.

  61. Brian Yang
    January 01, 11:47 Reply

    Happy New Year! Thanks for the great contest.

  62. Mick Piereder
    January 01, 12:19 Reply

    I’m always on the lookout for New and better mobile security.

  63. Sol Foster
    January 01, 12:31 Reply

    Would love to have the latest and greatest from Google!! #teamandroidforlife

  64. Rick D
    January 01, 13:07 Reply

    Happy New Year. Love Bitdefender and Nexus.

  65. dcarr622
    January 01, 14:03 Reply

    Great way to start 2014! Nexus 5 is awesome.

  66. mittnmusic
    January 01, 14:04 Reply

    I would love to win the Nexus 5 to compliment my brand new Nexus 7!

  67. Andrei S
    January 01, 14:10 Reply

    Best phone you can get, with the best online protection? Sign me up!

  68. Ben
    January 01, 14:50 Reply

    Wow – cool giveaway

  69. therealjoshwade
    January 01, 15:08 Reply

    Would really love to win this considering my SGS2 has had it’s days, anyway Happy new year everyone.

  70. Sahil
    January 01, 15:22 Reply

    Entry comment goes here.

  71. Ya'Shieka
    January 01, 16:26 Reply

    My life will be good if I get the Nexus 5

  72. zman
    January 01, 16:30 Reply

    Crossing my fingers!

  73. todini
    January 01, 16:33 Reply

    Curious to see if this is similar to Avast…

  74. Gregy T
    January 01, 17:24 Reply

    What’s the only thing better than a Nexus5?
    A free Nexus 5

  75. Daniel Yoo
    January 01, 17:30 Reply

    Happy New Year. A free Nexus 5 would be a great start to 2014.

  76. GJ
    January 01, 18:43 Reply

    The need for speed

  77. susannah
    January 01, 20:02 Reply

    I’ve bought 2 first gen nexus 7 and 2 2nd gens in 2013. I freaking love Google products. #1NCGOOGLEFAN

  78. susannah (housestark!)
    January 01, 20:11 Reply

    I have bought two 1st gen nexus 7 and two 2nd gens just in 2013. Let’s not forget 100 I’ve dropped on Google play. I freaking love Google products. I <3 Google

  79. alan reyes
    January 01, 21:14 Reply

    Happy New Year everyone.
    Winning this would be great!

  80. Shiva
    January 01, 21:54 Reply

    It would be awesome to get nexus 5

  81. Jeff
    January 01, 23:24 Reply

    This would be an awesome win

  82. Trae Davis
    January 02, 01:38 Reply

    You guys rock awesome give away and this is a great app I’d love to have a nexus 5 to use this app on and have a clean phone

  83. Nimit Mak
    January 02, 03:56 Reply

    Waiting for it!! Thanks Guys for the Giveaways!!

  84. Sumi
    January 02, 09:08 Reply

    Hey i want ut badly…thanx team for giveaway..u rock…

  85. Miguel Portillo
    January 02, 09:15 Reply

    I love Nexus products! Pleaseee. Would be a huge upgrade from my Samsung messenger :’)

  86. osg
    January 02, 09:19 Reply

    Love your blog, happy new year would love the new Nexus 5

  87. Abhinav Suri
    January 02, 14:07 Reply

    Those socks look sick! I’d obviously prefer the Nexus though. :)

  88. Corvin666
    January 07, 10:40 Reply

    So, have the winners been announced yet?

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