August 23, 2014

Patents tip possible design for Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Patents uncovered in August and again surfacing in the new year could spell the possible design for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4. The drawings associated with the patents show the familiar stylus location in the bottom right of the handset. While it is possible this could be a Galaxy S5 patent, it’s likely the next-gen Note experience.

It’s worth pointing out that the overall design is a more tapered and curvy one than in past generations. What’s more, the drawing show no hard buttons on the face of the phone, leading us to believe an all-touch Galaxy Note 4 could be in order.


Given we’ve got much of 2014 to go before the next round of Galaxy Note debuts this could change quite a bit. But, based on what you see here, what are your thoughts? Do you like the general look of this handset?

Via SamMobile