HTC M8 camera might feature not one, but two lenses

HTC M8 camera might feature not one, but two lenses

As we prepare to learn more about the successor to the HTC One, new details are slowly starting to appear. The latest bit of information surrounding the HTC M8 is that it will carry not one, but two different lenses. The setup is rumored to allow for better photos in both low light, and regular lightning scenarios, according to Forbes.

Each lens will be dedicated to lightning conditions, hoping to improve photos in the low light conditions that are known to result in very poor smartphone photos. It’s a weakness I, for one, welcome being addressed.

Also noted in the report is the addition of a fingerprint app, similar to what’s already found in the HTC One Max.

It’s widely expected the HTC M8 will launch sometime in Q1 of 2014. But with CES just days away, who knows what can happen. As always, more details about the M8 and its dual-lens system will be published here once they are available.

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