New leak suggests Samsung working on a revamped Touchwiz

Samsung’s custom smartphone UI (or Touchwiz) isn’t usually the Android skin you think of when it comes to the word “beautiful”. With the OEM’s Android skin going almost unchanged for a few years, we’ll welcome a change with open arms.

Thanks to popular leaker @evleaks, we can assume that Samsung is looking to refresh Touchwiz a bit. The leaked image shows a more artsy, almost hand-drawn look for the skin. Could this have anything to do with the Magazine UX debuted on the Galaxy TabPRO and NotePRO tablets? We’d like to think it could possibly be inspired by it. If the rumor holds, we could expect this for Samsung’s flagship devices going forward.

We’re sure hoping that some of these changes stick. Who knows, this might be the new look of the Galaxy S5!

Source: evleaks