T-Mobile celebrates best quarter in nearly a decade

T-Mobile celebrates best quarter in nearly a decade

T-Mobile has announced at CES that Q4 2013 has been the best quarter in 8 years with the addition of 1.65 million customers.  In the previous year T-Mobile saw 32,000 customers leave them, a big improvement in over a year. Overall, T-Mobile added more than 4.4 million customers in all of 2013.

T-Mobile owes its huge improvement in customers to its Uncarrier initiative it has undertaken in the recent year.  From eliminating contracts, providing cheaper international roaming rates, free 200MB of data on tablets, but the greatest of them all would have to be CEO Legere’s constant barrage against all the other carriers.

Hopefully we will see cheaper rates from competing carriers trying to battle T-Mobile and its Uncarrier initiative.

Source: TheVerge

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