Watch-out, Archos launching $50 smartwatch by summer

Watch-out, Archos launching $50 smartwatch by summer

Smartwatchs are a new category and there are only a options available on the market today, but Archos is hoping to change that with its new smartwatch line launching this summer.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Gear that carries many of the features of a smartphone, Archos’ devices will be (sort-of) competing with the Pebble directly since its $50 model will feature a 1.55-inch non-capacitive e-ink display and the ability to receive text, email and social media notifications and control media playback, in addition to displaying the time, of course. The unnamed Archos watch is said to get between one and two weeks of battery life.

The smartwatch can’t reply to messages (the Pebble can actually send simple replies thanks to the app Glance), and there is no mention of it being open source or there being any type of app store.

In addition to its cheapest $50 model, two others will be available in the line, but not at launch. The first will be $100 and come with a 1.8-inch color capacitive display and a 36 to 48 hour battery life. The second is the same as the color model, but will feature an aluminum-encased curved display for $130.

via Engadget

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  1. J. Williams
    January 12, 18:13 Reply

    These watches like all others are just silly, and way overpriced. There is no need for this if you have to pickup your phone anyway, wake up people. Don’t buy into this hype, let it go. Bad way to invest for a sidekick, horrible. All of these so called smart watches, stay away from them.

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