UPDATE x2: Nexus 10 out of stock on Google Play

UPDATE x2: Nexus 10 out of stock on Google Play

For a few months, Google’s 10-inch tablet, the Nexus 10, has only been available in a 32 GB model in the Google Play Store since the 16 GB model has been out of stock, but today inventory has finally run out completely.

Seeing as how Google never replenished stock of the 16 GB model, it’s probably safe to say we won’t be seeing the Nexus 10 (2012) coming back. Hopefully this means that it’s almost time for a new 10-inch tablet, since at the moment, the company is lacking in that option.

There have been plenty of bogus leaks such as those that suggested a new model would be released on Black Friday, then at CES, but all of those rumors turned out to be untrue.

With the Nexus 10 released in November 2012, it missed the yearly update cycle Google usually has with its products. If any more information about a new device becomes available, you can be sure we’ll have it here.

UPDATE: Looks like a false alarm yet again. The Nexus 10 32 GB is back in stock, “leaving the warehouse in 1 – 2 business days.” The 16 GB is still nowhere to be seen.

UPDATE: The Nexus 10 is gone again, maybe now for good, after flip-flopping in and out of stock. All this being said, are you guys looking forward to a new Nexus 10? Would you buy an updated model?

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