Some Samsung Galaxy S5 details purportedly ‘confirmed’

The details of the Samsung Galaxy S5 have been “confirmed” with roughly two months until its release. According to SamMobile, Samsung’s next flagship smartphone will be powered by Android 4.4 KitKat and come in both plastic and metal versions.

The display is said to be QHD in that it is 2560×1440 pixels; Samsung will employ Super AMOLED technology. The rear is said to house a 16-megapixel camera however it’s unclear whether it will feature optical image stabilization.

Internally, the Galaxy S5 should come with two processor designs: Samsung Exynos 6 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 CPU. Things are a little muddy as to how Samsung will choose the processor, especially since LTE doesn’t pose a problem for the Exynos chipset. It’s possible that the medal version could employ a 64-bit Samsung Exynos with the more traditional plastic design getting the Qualcomm chip.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is slated for announcement in March, likely at an event in London around the middle of the month. Assuming Samsung sticks with its previous game plan we could see the availability of the device(s) in April.

Looking further down the road (May or June), Samsung is also expected to introduce a Galaxy S5 Zoom and Galaxy S5 Mini. Both, as of now, are listed as running KitKat, however the other details are unclear.

SamMobile has a long record of delivering on its rumors and leaks so we see no reason to think the aforementioned stuff is inaccurate. We’ll still have to wait, of course for details such as memory, storage, and finer points. With two months to go there’s plenty of time for that to bubble to the surface.