Galaxy S5 rumored to have a big ol’ rapid charging battery

Galaxy S5 rumored to have a big ol’ rapid charging battery

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors in full-swing, some more speculation emerges with talk of the battery.

In a few months, we’ll know just how many of these rumors are true. In the mean time, let’s talk about what’s arguably the most important feature of the phone: the battery.

It is rumored that the new Samsung flagship will sport a 2900mAh battery, and will feature some new “rapid-charging technology.” The rumored capacity of the battery isn’t all that absurd… it is a normal jump up from the company’s 2013 flagship, the GS4. It will use a silicon anode instead of graphite, leaving the battery more compact. The rapid-charging technology is something to think about, though. The new technology could charge your phone in around 2 hours, which is huge.

From the “confirmed” specs of the S5 a few days ago, it seemed that the battery was the only thing missing. If these rumors are true, this new technology will begin changing batteries for the better. Let’s hope the rumors prove true in the next few months.

Via: Gigaom

Source: Phonearena

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