Samsung debuts its own Winter Olympics app

Samsung debuts its own Winter Olympics app

Samsung is constantly trying to keep users solely in its own ecosystem. First, the Galaxy Gear. Did you really think it would end there? Now, they created a beautiful Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 app, and its only available on Samsung devices.

The app is very well-done. The menu is accessible by pulling from the left side of the screen, just like many other apps we’ve seen. Sports, medals, and countries all have their own page, and you can even keep tabs on your favorite athletes by setting them as your favorites. It’s pretty much exactly what you would want from an Olympics app.

Word is yet to be released on whether you can download the app on non-Samsung devices in the future. With the Olympics officially starting in a few weeks, keep an eye out to see if its possible. But that really isn’t the Samsung thing to do.

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