Sprint Live will come to Sprint Android devices, powered by NQ Mobile

Sprint Live will come to Sprint Android devices, powered by NQ Mobile

NQ Mobile and Sprint have recently signed an agreement to create the next generation of Sprint ID.

For those who don’t know, Sprint ID is a “theme” that the user can choose on their Android phone, powered by Sprint. It’s almost a recommendation on how to use your homescreen, wallpapers, shortcuts, icons, etc.

Suffice it to say, this isn’t the most popular way to use your Android phone, but it works. Will the NQ Mobile and Sprint partnership change that?

The new form of Sprint ID will be Sprint Live, “an engaging mobile desktop that will change the way consumers use their connected devices.” The change is set to take place later this year on all new Sprint-powered devices.

Sprint ID gives app/shortcut recommendations to users, and NQ Live is more of a wallpaper replacement, pushing content straight to the users homescreen. The marriage between these two spawn Sprint Live. It will run in the background on the homescreen, while still letting users operate their normal apps and widgets. It’s sort of a “best of both worlds” partnership.

This could possibly be big for Sprint, giving users more options when using their phones. But this poses some questions – Should carriers focus on things like this? Or should they stick to service alone? Is this just more carrier bloatware that will use up precious memory? We’ll have to wait to find out later this year.

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