RAVPower Icona 10K(mAh) Dynamo review

With new power solutions popping up all the time, there a lot of factors that go into finding just the “right” external battery. RAVPower is certainly making a name out in the tech world and has become a brand to consider.

Design & Form Factor

The RAVPower Icona 10,000mAh Dynamo On The Go External Battery is really a beast in terms of capacity, weight, size, and shape. The pack itself is, to be perfectly honest, uncomfortable and slippery, but it makes up for these disadvantages in power.


The RAVPower Icona Dynamo On The Go Battery has 10,000mAh of Battery Life. Say your smartphone has a 2,400mAh battery, with this charger, you should be able to charge your phone up to over 4 full recharges.

Charging bluetooth headsets, keyboards, mice, etc. is a complete breeze with this charge and it barely puts a dent in the battery life.

In my real world use, this battery out performs some of the devices with 10,000mAh that I’ve personally purchased over the years. Companies like RAVPower want smartphones to be able to keep a charge, so I’ve been lucky enough to try out quite a few models from quite a few different companies this year, so there will always be the better and worse chargers.



This charger’s input is DC 5V 1A while the 2 USB output ports are (1A/2A). This is disappointing; if a device like this can put out 2A, shouldn’t it be able to take in the same or more? Because of this, charging the unit takes about 13hrs to complete.

I’ve been able to keep my Samsung Galaxy S3 charged for over 4.5hrs of non-stop heavy usage, with my phone’s battery life wavering between 93%-100% until the Icona slipped into a drained coma. You can charge both a 1Amp device and a 2amp device (total: 3amps) at once, but when it’s time to recharge, you can only take in 1Amp.


The RAVPower Icona RP-PB04 10,000mAh Dynamo-On-The-Go is a decent choice if you are looking for a high capacity battery for under $40, but there are other models by competing companies that fill the gaps of where this unit lacks. This is a great gift for those who want better battery life but aren’t constantly on their phones.

If you are a normal user, not constantly on your phone, and you don’t mind charging this overnight – this is ideal for you because it will get the job done without ripping a hole through your wallet.

One of my concerns is the slipperiness. While you do get a protective pouch I am constantly scared that this will fall out of my hand or off the surface it is on.

This isn’t a bad product by any means, there is just room for improvement where some other companies and even RAVPower will meet with newer models. I think that this is an excellent power outage product for emergencies, but because of the long discharge time, if you have a lot of accessories to charge, this may not be the right option for you.

You can purchase the RAVPower Icona 10,000mAh Battery Pack for $37.99 in Dark & Light Color Options.

RAVPower has fixed some of the major concerns that I mentioned above in a newer 14,000mAh model for just a few bucks more. The device can now take in 2Amps to reduce recharge time for the battery pack. Friends, co-workers, family members of and gaming addicts/power users – check out the much improved variant the RAVPower Deluxe for $42.99.