Sprint getting help from banks in potential T-Mobile bid – WSJ

Sprint has been working with at least two banks to help gather the necessary funds for a T-Mobile takeover, says the Wall Street Journal. The news outlet reports that sale price could fetch as high as $50 billion, if it ever goes through. T-Mobile is currently valued around $26 billion and will likely climb with continued success and progression of the buyout. Sprint will need to come to the table with a big bag of money should they hope to acquire T-Mobile. But, even if the two come to terms, the deal will have to gain regulatory approval from government agencies. AT&T‘s deal with T-Mobile was shot down a few years back when the $39B proposal lined up for the regulators.

In a possibly related note Germany’s Deutsche Telekom AG transferred ownership of its 67 percent stake in T-Mobile US to a Dutch holding company. While DT says this is simply part of a bigger internal restructuring, it has the potential makings of “getting ready to sell”.

WSJ (subscription) via AndroidCentral