Sprint WiFi calling rumored to launch soon

Sprint WiFi calling rumored to launch soon

According to this leaked screenshot obtained by sources with AndroidCentral, Sprint plans to soon launch WiFi Calling with two Samsung Galaxy devices.

The first to device to offer the feature should be the  Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and Samsung Galaxy Mega. As is the case with T-Mobile’s smartphones, Sprint’s WiFi calling will be available at no monthly charge.

WiFi Calling is a service that allows you to make calls on your device via a WiFi Connection. This is most beneficial when you have poor service in your location. Sprint will receive less stress on the network as more users join WiFi Calling.

Sprint reportedly has plans to launch WiFi calling on future capable smartphones running Android 4.2 and above. Strangely enough, to take advantage of this function, you must have Android Location Services Enabled.

Reportedly, you can only use this service with a WiFi connection, but you must still be linked to the Now Network via CDMA. Users who utilize VPN services will be unable to use WiFi Calling services provided by Sprint.

If you’ve received a software update and have a compatible device, you can activate your WiFi Calling Service at Sprint’s Management Hub. More devices are to follow. Remember folks that this is a leak and that Sprint may opt-out at any time – however unlikely that may be.


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  1. Dave
    January 17, 16:32 Reply

    “Strangely enough, to take advantage of this function, you must have Android Location Services Enabled.” This might mean that sprint limits the functionality to US only etc. Maybe so there is no impact on roaming revenue?

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