HTC M8 to feature a 1080p screen instead of QHD?

HTC M8 to feature a 1080p screen instead of QHD?

It seems that HTC is planning to skip the QHD (2560×1440) display for the M8 or the upcoming successor of the HTC One, and launch it with a 1080p display instead. HTC published a UA Prof file for the HTC M8, and these files describe the model, screen size and other features of the device before it is officially launched. The information in it is mostly true, because it is made by the company it self.

Schermata-2014-01-20-alle-13.08.39-1HTC One’s display has the same resolution, but the screen size is smaller as compared to the M8. Also, most users don’t need/see the ‘QHD’ stuff anyway, so for a smartphone, a 1080p display is better than anything. What’s actually interesting about the M8 is its twin lens camera. Although the design will be a lot like the One (and we don’t mind that) but HTC will make noticeable improvements under the hood.

So what do you prefer? QHD or 1080p? Tell us in the comment box below.

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  1. Eclectech
    January 21, 13:58 Reply

    I think 1080p is just fine because the new model will almost certainly have a bigger battery and battery life is way more important than extra pixels at this point.

  2. David Foggia
    January 21, 17:36 Reply

    Holy crap, you guys and “QHD” and “6000 PPI”, we don’t need it to be that good. The HTC one screen is already fantastic. Why would you add on more costs to a phone where its not needed? Focus on performance, camera, and design for christ sakes

  3. Dave Amies
    January 23, 01:17 Reply

    keep the 1080p, make the screen smaller, 5″ is not a phone it’s a phablet! the One is 4.7″ so a drop to 4.5 or 4.3 keeping the same resolution would be really cool.

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