August 29, 2014

Samsung's new smartphone TouchWiz UI leaks again


Expected to debut with the Galaxy S5, it looks like a combination of Google Now and Metro UI

A new tweet popping up yesterday from evleaks shows us a glimpse of what we might expect out of the Samsung Galaxy S5′s user interface. Looking like a cross between Google Now cards and Microsoft’s Metro UI cards, it’s unlike anything we’ve seen in Samsung’s smartphones. If Google is big on flat and clean, Samsung’s going glossy and full colored.

We can only imagine that these cards give priority to Samsung’s own apps and services, showing items such as weather, flight details, social media activity, events, and more.

Samsung recently introduced a new interface for tablets when they debuted the Pro family of devices; we would expect a smartphone refresh for 2014. Although these are only a few static images, we cannot help but appreciate the change in direction for Samsung. We’d like to see these in action, however, before we can give them a full pass. How intrusive is the experience? How does it work if you aren’t using Samsung’s apps? How user-defined can we set this up?