Customize vibration alerts with Mumble! [App Review]

Customize vibration alerts with Mumble! [App Review]

Know more about your incoming messages without looking, regardless of app

Regardless of which app you’re using for your messages on Android devices, one thing generally remains the same across the board. No matter how long your message is or what its contents are, the vibration alert doesn’t change. An app we recently discovered, Mumble!, changes all of that.

Screenshot_2014-01-21-11-22-12Working in tandem with your standard or third party messaging client, Mumble! lets users configure vibration alerts in a much smarter manner. Play with the settings for a few minutes and you’ll know just by the number of vibrations how long the message before looking. For instance, you can toggle the app to vibrate once for every two words, five words, or ten words.

Hate pulling your phone out just to see a message that says, “kk“? Toggle the box to ignore one word messages. Users can also tell the app just how intense they like their vibrations based on four settings. This way, you can keep things nice and quiet or really active in your pocket.

Additional features in Mumble! include subtle vibrations for syllables, varying degrees of excitement levels, number of overall notifications, and much more. The free version is packed with quite a bit but you can get even more out of the full app. For only $1.49 you can toss in settings for ignoring duplicate messages, recognition of questions, emotions (positive vs negative), NSFW, emergencies, and even SPAM.

While Mumble! isn’t necessarily the best looking app we’ve encountered, it’s one that you only need to see once in a while. The general aesthetics are something out of the early days of Android mixed with a bit of Holo menus but the feature set is deep and intuitive. First-time users will definitely want to walk through the instructions before toggling settings if only to get a sense at what lies ahead.

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