September 2, 2014

Max Mobile Security, App review


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Max Mobile Security for Android devices protects your smart phones and tablets from viruses along with a host of other features!
Max Mobile Security, App review Reviewed by on . Rating: 3

Max Mobile Security is another security app that claims to protect against viruses, but also boast a collection of other features that make it quite nice, however the $10/year is not appealing, but it might bring peace of mind to some.

Being an Android enthusiast, I am constantly downloading and reviewing new apps from the market or through direct downloads from a developers site.  Sometimes they play well and sometimes I just uninstall them, however I have never experienced a “virus” or maybe I just did not know it, but I’ve never had an issue that I couldn’t just uninstall and whisk away.

However, with Max Mobile not only does it “scan” my phone for viruses, which it found none, but also has anti-theft features where I can track my phone if I left it somewhere, God forbid, and even remotely wipe it.  Now I know you’re reading this and saying, “Hey, I can already do that with Android Device Manager!” and yes you can.

Max Mobile Security offers:

  • Anti-virus: Automatic virus-scanning of apps
  • Anti-Theft: Defense tracks your lost mobile
  • Safe Web browsing
  • Block Call/SMS: Feature filters unwanted calls and SMS text
  • System Optimizer: Allows you to manage/kill apps
  • Contact Back up: Back up all contacts on SD card or server
  • Network stats: Monitors network traffic usage
  • Battery optimizer with task killer

You are probably saying, “I have apps that do all of these things!”, and yes there are apps out there that do them all, quite well actually, and do them for free!  However, with Max Mobile, you can do all these in one app.

So what do I say to all of this, Go out and spend the money? ($10/year) Move on and download all those free and wonderful apps?, the only real question is if you want something that does them all, conveniently, this might be something to check out.

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