August 30, 2014

pickWEB: an new way to search, App Review


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pickWeb is the easy and convenient way to find what you are looking for on the internet. It might not look up-to-date but its overall use is great!
pickWEB: an new way to search, App Review Reviewed by on . Rating: 4.5

So we all know how hard it can be to search the web for a specific category of items, especially when there are thousands of fake sites trying to hustle you.  Well, you can now lay those fears to rest with the new app, pickWEB.

What pickWEB allows you to do is select categories that you are interested in and it will display websites with the top hits in that category.  For example, if your a man and you want to search weapons, just select Men -> Weapons and you have 8 websites with top hits of weapons.

There are over 18 main categories with many subcategories to help define what you are looking for.  Now does this sound all good to be true?  Well, the app is in its infancy and the UI (User Interface) is simple to navigate, but it is old and outdated.

pickWEB also allows you to create accounts to save links and it has an installer for Windows desktop, OS X coming soon, so you can sync and browse with ease.  Follow the link below and let us know what you think!